This is quite possibly the scariest thing I have done. I am a very open and honest person and writing to my name, sharing it to my social media and owning that should not be this intimidating. That said, this is the sixth time I have written this from a different angle.

I have blogged for years. I have found myself through writing. Now my writing is freaking awful. I write as I speak, very conversationally, very erratically and it is anything but concise. That said the process is therapeutic. It allows me to process my damn thoughts and, well, can occasionally put some confronting shit in the forefront of my brain.

This blog is mine. It is personal, raw and real. It is a reflection on me and only me. So, I figured the best first post, after a fair few rewrites, is to explain a few topics that are going to come up a fair bit.

I am going to chat about my Mental Health a hell of a lot. I collect psych labels like my partner collects Astroboy merchandise. I am a bundle of anxiety. I am bipolar. I have complex post traumatic stress. I have OCD. My brain works in strange ways. I am going to talk about this a lot. It is a massive part of me. It has impacted my life in countless ways.

I am going to mention sex a lot. I am a sex positive, lesbian, former sex worker who has a lot to say on the subject of sex and sexuality. Basically this blog is definitely not suitable for young audiences. I will no doubt want to talk about the stigma around sex, sexuality and sex work. This blog will not be super explicit, I promise. Though, I may write somethings that may be confronting.

You will probably read a fair few things about relationships. I have some pretty complex relationships. Coping techniques developed super early impacted my ability to form healthy relationships. Which, well, kind of means that a lot of relationships formed before I was 21 are complex. So I will probably discuss navigating these relationships with family and friends a fair bit. Plus I am getting married, assuming the Australian government gets it right, so yay! wedding stress….

As someone who is a complex bundle of chaotic quirks who believes in human rights I am going to rant and rave when required. I do not do angry well, though I am learning. So I am probably going to blog on injustices within the world, human rights, law, legislation and advocacy.

Overall this blog is going to me. I am going to talk about my history, life experiences, current shit that is bothering me, exciting things, annoying things and twenty seven thousand more things.

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